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Local population that live, work and hunt in the area, minding their own business and keeping distance to other factions and politics. Their focus is survival and keep their bellies filled. Due to the war, the accommodation and living conditions of civilians are generally very basic, but recently there has been development in this area.

Remember to apply for your faction Discord-channel after you have paid the ticket price. Send your name, ticket number and faction to the #closed_faction_channel_applications. When this information has been checked, your faction specific channel will open for you.

Energy industry professionals

  • A neutral group consisting of experts and employees from both factions (Uusimaa / Pirkanmaa) and other unknown factions. The group is united by a genuine ambition towards science. There is no place for political opinions and cooperation is at the center of everything.
  • The group is placed in a neutral area where they operate and maintain the electricity grid.
  • They are not suitable for gun battles but can carry a small pistol at most for self-defense.
  • They treat the factions (Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa) kindly because they consist of people from both factions.

Forest dwellers

  • A neutral faction consisting of local residents.
  • They stay out of others’ way and expect the same from others.
  • Players who want to play as normal civilians but don’t have any special roles.
  • Forest Dwellers are aware of dangers around them and they know how to defend themselves. The weapons they use are mainly remnants of war and it shows..
  • If you are not sure if your weapon is suitable for the faction, send an email about it to


  • A small group whose task is to maintain a store or a mobile store.
  • They sell commodities to anyone who has in-game currency
  • Game masters can support traders with real money to buy commodities to sell at the event.
  • Traders are known to be wealthy and have the ability to defend themselves.
  • If you are not sure if your weapon is suitable for the faction, send an email about it to

The cult

  • These are people whose task it is to spread their own religious vision with rituals where everyone is welcome – without weapons.
  • Their task is to convert as many as possible. Base rule is to take volunteers, but wounded and lonely persons have been known to be kidnapped by the cult and “forcefully converted”
  • The cult treats all who bear their symbol with kindness, regardless of background.
  • Everyone who is part of the cult puts the cult’s well-being before their own well-being.
  • Questions regarding the weapons of this faction should be addressed to