The event takes place in time after the last conflict between Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa. The factions have agreed on a ceasefire and created a neutral area in the Padasjoki.

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With the provincial and social/health reform, a strong need to compete for resources has arisen in the new welfare areas. The Finnish people have been divided for years, but now new problems, such as COVID and the war in Europe, have made the citizens prioritize peace and cooperation.

Factions have agreed to a ceasefire and created a neutral area in Padasjoki. During a period of truce, the factions decided to start collaboration project in the neutral area that would be beneficial to both of them. The idea of the project was to bring the best experts from both factions and to guarantee the future for coming  generations with environmentally friendly and clean energy.

The team of experts from both factions soon started to build an experimental solar power plant. The construction work was challenging, as resources were scarce in the war-torn country. Due to the foresty nature of the area, it was decided to dig the power grid into the ground.

As the project neared completion, to everyone’s surprise, the power of the sun was harnessed more efficiently than expected, and the energy seemed almost endless. For a while it already seemed that things are finally in order and the first steps towards a peaceful future can be taken.

The idea of almost endless energy gained interest in the provincial governments, and the war-accustomed members of both sides soon voted each in turn on the decision to seek exclusive rights to the energy production.

At first, they tried to negotiate the issues, but when the negotiations failed time and time again, the patience of the factions began to wear thin.

Currently, the operation of the power plant is managed by a company made up of civilians, which still has members from the ranks of Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa. The company’s employees are known to have been involved in building the project from the very beginning, and it is known to everyone that their motive is only to keep the power plant in operation.

An electrical network of underground cables and numerous transformers have been built in the area, with the help of which the parties aim to conduct electricity back to their bases, from which the large cables continue towards the new welfare areas.

Concept picture of power plant network plans. Green lines depict an open link and red dashed lines a closed one. The red boxes are owned by Uusimaa and the yellow ones are owned by Pirkanmaa. The black boxes are not operational, because there is no active link to them.

Aerial power lines were quickly found to be a bad option.

Aerial power lines were quickly found to be a bad choise.

Construction materials are being delivered to the area.

Configuring the transformers that are waiting to be delivered to the area.

Configuring the transformers that are waiting to be delivered to the area.