Commander of Uusimaa has been elected

Commander of Uusimaa has been elected

TSTOS 23> News> Commander of Uusimaa has been elected

The commander of Uusimaa has been selected based on applications. “Svir” who commanded the forces of Polaris Energy in the TSTOS 2022 was chosen as the commander.

The commander sends his greetings:

I’m “Svir”, a wargamer and airsoft enthusiast from the Uusimaa region. Last year I led the Polaris faction and now I have chosen to move from the forests of Juupajoki to the Padasjoki to lead Uusimaa. My leadership style is strongly based on the following aspects: intelligence, communications, aggression in large movements and unwavering trust in my subordinates. As for this year itself, I am once again ready to use all the abilities of my faction to achieve the goals that the Uusimaa high command has set for me, believing in my heart that in our future battles, Padasjoki and its endless resources will be annexed to the suburbs of Helsinki by the use of military force.

Members of Uusimaa! Don’t pray to be safe from your enemies, but to be a dangerous threat to them in everything: Join us and I dare you to build a capable unit with me that matches the best of us.

Contact us via email: or in Discord Svir#0131

Let’s play hard, Svir!