New rules!

New rules!

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We have made some rules changes for the event. Changes are displayed below:

Info → General → Arrival and check-in
For check-in you will need: Identification, orange death rag, a receipt of the payment if needed and the necessary money to pay on site, if you have chosen that option. We reccommend that you reserve the correct change in cash, we can not guarantee payment by credit/debit card.

Info → Rules → Vehicles → Bringing an ingame vehicle to the event → Other requirements

  • Working Hazard lights
  • Beacon (for example: this), which should be placed on the hood of the vehicle for other players to access.
  • GPS tracker (check vehicle rules)

Info → Rules → Vehicles → Destroying, repairing and respawning → Destroying an empty vehicle
– An empty vehicle can be destroyed by activating the light beacon on the hood, which acts as a sign that the vehicle has been destroyed.
– If there are personnel in or next to the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be destroyed in this way. So you can’t for example run from vehicle to vehicle destroying them. You can only destroy clearly parked and abandoned vehicles when using the light beacon.

Info → Rules → Mobile Field Hospital Vehicle

Operating times

  • After deploying the Mobile field hospital, the Mobile field hospital can operate for 1 hour.
  • After 1 hour it cannot be used again for 2 hours.
  • When deploying the Mobile field hospital, the engine must be off and it cannot be moved for 1 hour. If deployed vehicle is moved you cannot use it as respawn for 2 hours.


  • To heal injured troops you must assing a medic to be present at the vehicle.
  • You can heal max. 5 players at the same time (=remove their bandages).
  • Healing (removing bandage) takes 10 minutes for every player. When being healed, players cannot use their weapons. If healing is stopped the countdown resets.
  • Medics can replenish their bandages at the vehicle.

Other rules

  • If the medic at the vehicle is shot, you cannot use the Mobile hospital until the same medic is alive again.
  • The vehicle can be destroyed by the enemy. In case the vehicle is destroyed regular vehicle rules, such as respawn times, do apply.
  • The vehicle or the assigned medic can be changed at base/when respawning.
  • Only unarmed LVL1 vehicles can act as Mobile field hospital and there is only one per faction. The vehicle must have Ehasa provided “MOBILE FIELD HOSPITAL” markings on both sides.

Note! Abuse or cheating with a Mobile field hospital vehicle is a punishable act by Gamemasters.