PROTOLAB PMPV 6X6 ”MISU” ingame vehicle

PROTOLAB PMPV 6X6 ”MISU” ingame vehicle

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Protolab’s 6×6 PMPV “Misu” is attending the event on the Uusimaa side.

The vehicle will also be presented on the check in area before the game together with Patria’s vehicle. Be sure to come and check them both!

The vehicle’s nickname “MiSu” is derived from the Finnish name “MiinaSuojattu” (transl. mine-protected) and “PMPV” stands for “Protected Multi-Purpose Vehicle”. The main superstructure is mainly manufactured from 6 to 12 mm of armour steel enhanced with Exote liner and the bottom is mine strengthened, the front windows are bullet-resistant. The vehicle has continuous six wheel drive and good capabilities for off-road driving. It can take inclines up to a maximum of 60%.

More information is available on the website: